Florida edit

I am Christina Here me Roar. O whale okie so lemme write about myself in the third person. Christina is a user on Degrassi wiki who's very awkward at times. She was once underage and had to hide from the cops aka Sannse. Luckily out of the four 12 year olds on the wiki, she and HayHayler escaped and made it to a new life being 13.

In RealifeEdit

Now that she's 13 she realises that she made some bad life decisions. IRL not on chat though. She is nothing like she is on chat IRL. This is mainly because all of Christina's friends suck balls beside 1 or two. And they keep calling her a stupid hoe even though she's an honour roll student with no social life.

Wikia LifeEdit

She was on sometimes in summer but no one really talked to her much besides Adam sometimes. But even then she was aware of the cunt they call Troy.

She left because she breifly got a life in September.

In middle October she came back, even though no1curred. She continued with life. And She made a new account because she got tired of typing in thaat old longass user name.

She went back to her old account and changed the name to something like her New account.

Christina doesn't really get involved in drama. She just states her opinion on it sometimes.

She used to get along fairly well with Amanda, but since then Amanda started to dislike her. Christina thinks Amanda's changed.

Chrissy started to come on less and less as 2012 went by. June was probably when she started becoming really inactive. Ever since July, she has mainly been dead on wiki. At the end of September, she made a blog, stating she was back, but still never returned to chat. As of 2013 and onward, she has not made a return.

She's not really sure who'd willing to be her bff, so write your name below if you think you are:

  • Jess
  • Aleesha
  • Kat
  • Cam